Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you . . . ?

Today was a busy day for Jackson, Caroline and I. First we had our first outing to the zoo with Jack's preschool. It was the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, which takes in only rescued animals, so it was smaller than most zoos, but perfect for us.
We got to see monkeys, bunnies, red fox, coyotes, wolves, two tigers, two bears, deer, peacocks, chickens, bobcats, raccoons, and a mountain lion. There was also a wild boar and a pair of sheep. All the animals were up close and personal which was fun for little people, and different but exciting for me too. You don't often see a tiger or a bear from three to ten feet away. It's quite something.
Jack and Caroline are both quite a bit smaller than the seven foot wingspan of a Golden Eagle. And they really liked the deer, despite how common they are.
After our trip to the zoo we finished our day by celebrating Christmas tea with Grandma Jo. Her friend Peggy McQuerry organized a tea for her since she won't be here for Christmas, and I think she was overwhelmed with the amount of gifts she received. The kids sure had fun helping her open them though!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My kind of day

What could be better than a day that looks like this? The kids and I cleaned off the back porch on Saturday and put out the summer cushions and pillows. Best of all (for us anyway) was that Trace came home early from his golf tournament, so we got to sit outside and have dinner together. Fresh strawberries and cherries from the farmer's market, and hamburgers that Trace made. Yum! Of course it rained on Monday, and because I had seen the weather report calling for merely "showers" (the cushions would be okay with a few drops of rain, right?), I didn't bring them back in, and they'll probably take the rest of the week to dry off. But they were sure nice on Saturday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jack has a new haircut

I do realize that all of my posts have been about Jackson lately, but he really did get a new haircut that he wants to show off. He was so cute this morning when I woke him up to get ready for preschool. I told him that it was time to take a shower, and he told me that he needed to put gel in his hair first! The hairdresser yesterday styled his hair with gel after his "Andrew cut"/crew cut, and he was determined that it look just as cool today. Four year olds are too cute! I did explain that the gel would come after the shower, so he was okay with that. We borrowed some of dad's so that Jack could have "poky" hair again, just like yesterday. He calls it an Andrew cut because he wanted it cut just like his big brother Andrew.
The rest of the story of these pictures is that we went for a walk to the creek that's across the street from our house. Caroline wanted to leave from our house, and to bring Sam (our dog), and Jack wanted to find water, so this satisfied everyone, to Jack's surprise. He had forgotten about this creek. It's probably at least a half mile from our house, so they did a good job hiking there and back, especially with their wet shoes and clothes on the uphill track that is the way home. They both got in the water, which is a perfect 4-6 inches deep where we were, yet with a few deeper holes so that Sam could swim. Fun was had by everyone!
I'll close with a video of each of them wading in/across the creek. They're not great videos, but they do show how much fun they were both having, and they want to share them. Don't you love the sound of running water?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jack the artist

As I start to type this, Caroline is telling me that, "dancers are doing dancer things and artists are doing artist things and I am a dancer and Jack-y is an artist."
Yesterday is the first time i have every seen Jack do anything recognizable with his painting: he painted a stick person, complete with eyes. Today he was painting again, a lion, and I was so impressed that I took a picture to share with all of you. It has a mane, eyes, and a mouth, and all in the appropriate place. This is especially amazing because it comes from my son who has been able to throw a ball right to you since before he was a year old (he has great gross motor skills, and always has!), but who has very little fine motor skills ability. He knows his letters, but he has a lot of trouble writing them. It was so fun to see his progress in the last two days, and his pride as I took a picture of his lion to show everyone. Well done Jackson!