Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Cat

Since Saturday at our house, we've had a cat.  She showed up on Saturday, and by yesterday she was a well-loved member of the family.  Today she has disappeared again (and yes, we called the hotlines and reported a found cat--and ran an ad in our local paper and radio station) and we are once again a pet-less family.  We sure had fun with her while she was here!
 Reading a book with Trace and Caroline.
 Making herself comfortable on the couch.
 Sleeping with Jack.
 At some point in our relationship, Trace assured me that he wasn't a cat lover.  Clearly that was not true!
Playing outside--she even caught a lizard for us (perhaps to endear herself to Trace?), and then lost it in the house.  I'm choosing to believe the lizard went out the door, because I can't find it!
We all enjoyed the cat so much, don't be surprised if we adopt one soon.  She was charming.


Jo Miller said...

hmmmmm.... cats??? not too sure about this, but the pictures sure are cute. Trace, where did you get that grin?? Can you please get a nonallergenic cat?? This one does look like Becky's cat thou.
love you,

akamilby said...

I don't know if we'll get one or not, but everyone sure had a lot of fun for two days! Are there nonallergenic cats?!

katie said...

Pretty darn cute little gal! Is it a gal? I think I call all cats she and all dogs he, a habit that has been hard to break.
Yes, there are hypoallergenic cats. More expensive, though. Not your typical stray cat. Lets hope that cutie pie comes back!