Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snowy day

This winter has been especially full of snowy days for us.  We've actually had trouble playing outside because there's been too MUCH snow.  Today we had over a foot of snow,  and since Trace had cleared the driveway early, by this afternoon there was the perfect amount of snow to sled.  I went down a number of times with Caroline, which she loved, but by the time I went inside to get my camera she was done.  Jack, however, stayed outside for another hour or so, sledding, and even helping the neighbor shovel his drive.  That's the way we spent our snowy day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Four Year Old in the House

The princess around here turned four. None of her young friends could make it to the party, but it is a testament to her sweet spirit that all kinds of grown-up friends took time out of their day to dress-up and come to her princess party. The ladies even dug in the back of their closets for old prom and bridesmaid dresses. Caroline loved how fancy everyone was, and that the boys even wore "handsome ties," as she requested. You are one loved girl, Miss Caroline!

All the ladies dressed up. And she might be a princess, but she's still a Fike, and she requested ribs and hot dogs for her party. She's her daddy's daughter! The man behind all the wonderful food.
Saying hello to Andrew and Katherine. Have you ever seen a princess eating ribs before?
She loved her "fancy" cupcakes! It was worth all the time I spent the night before to see the delight on her face in the morning.
Blowing out four candles.
A sweet brother who was such a gentleman all day. He and I had gone shopping earlier in the week, because he wanted to spend his own money and buy his sister a gift. We went to Ben Franklin, on his insistence, and he wandered the whole store until he found what he wanted: some buttons for her to make crafts with. He carefully chose the pink and purple ones out of the Ben Franklin "treasure chest" of buttons, and then found some bracelets for her too. It took all his money, and warmed his mother's heart.
She travelled around the room and opened each gift with the giver. She also saved all the bows and tissue papers: they were all fancy!
Her favorite Aunt Becky. On a sidenote, she told me the other day that Aunt Becky is her favorite because she makes her vanilla steamers with whip cream. Affronted, I said: "but I cuddled with you all last night when you were sick!" She reassured me with, "well you are my second favorite, Mom!" She's a cutie!
Excited to see the kitten that she and Kim had shopped for together. You're an awfully nice friend Kim!
Gifts from "Uncle" John and Hynndie.
Opening a Giants shirt with Uncle Ted. Now she'll be ready to cheer on her team this year too!
Phil reading her the poem with pictures that he wrote/made for her.
The two Carolines. Sitting on Papa's lap to open her bunnies. She played with them all day today! Every year Caroline has received a book (or two) from Mike, and a dress from Ellen. What fun gifts!
The before picture of the cupcakes, which we enjoyed all day today too! Happy birthday to the surprise girl in our family. You're all girl, and we all love your hugs and giggles and your imaginative spirit. Four years old!

Jack's First Lost Tooth

Jack lost his first tooth yesterday, on Caroline's birthday, and we don't know when, or where.
He gave me a hug after everyone had left the party, and he was missing a tooth! The reason it's so hard to see the missing one is that the new one had already come in. In fact, the one to the left has also come in, also without the tooth falling out, so he's had double teeth for a while. Since he didn't have a tooth to put under his pillow, he wrote a note to the tooth fairy and put that under his pillow instead. It worked! There was a gold dollar and no note in the morning. That tooth fairy is amazing! I love that the note makes sense, but would make sense with or without the tooth: I lost my tooth. Yes indeed you did my little man!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where do you play when there's three feet of snow on the ground?

At the park where there is only a foot of snow! One day last week we drove home past Pioneer Park, and my kids must have felt the need to be outdoors, because they wanted to stop and play despite the snow. We all had fun!
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