Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jack's First Lost Tooth

Jack lost his first tooth yesterday, on Caroline's birthday, and we don't know when, or where.
He gave me a hug after everyone had left the party, and he was missing a tooth! The reason it's so hard to see the missing one is that the new one had already come in. In fact, the one to the left has also come in, also without the tooth falling out, so he's had double teeth for a while. Since he didn't have a tooth to put under his pillow, he wrote a note to the tooth fairy and put that under his pillow instead. It worked! There was a gold dollar and no note in the morning. That tooth fairy is amazing! I love that the note makes sense, but would make sense with or without the tooth: I lost my tooth. Yes indeed you did my little man!

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katie said...

Congratulations, Jack! That's one big rite of passage.
I love your note, too. You're quite the writer! Maybe you'll write books or poems when you get bigger.