Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snowy day

This winter has been especially full of snowy days for us.  We've actually had trouble playing outside because there's been too MUCH snow.  Today we had over a foot of snow,  and since Trace had cleared the driveway early, by this afternoon there was the perfect amount of snow to sled.  I went down a number of times with Caroline, which she loved, but by the time I went inside to get my camera she was done.  Jack, however, stayed outside for another hour or so, sledding, and even helping the neighbor shovel his drive.  That's the way we spent our snowy day!


Michael and Jeanette said...

I couldn't believe when Trace told me it was snowing another 15 inches at your house. Wow! We're just having cloudy and occassionally sunny weather here. At least you guys know what to do with loads of snow-- play play play! PS- I did find my phone charger. I was heading to bed that night and said, "I sure wish I could find my charger!" And Jeanette without moving her head from where she lay in bed said, "Is that it on the dresser over there?" She just saw it as I said that. Apparently I am blind, but at least I no longer have a dead phone. : )

katie said...

Yay for snow play! We've been enjoying our snow here at Grand Lake, but not at home. I don't think we've had more than 4 inches a few times this winter, almost nothing (plenty of cold, though, which isn't as fun without the snow to accompany it).
Jack, I love that grin on your face as you head down the hill!