Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Baseball Season!

Last Saturday we had Jack's first baseball game.  This year he's playing farm ball, which is little more like baseball as you probably know it--except that the coaches pitch.  He loves baseball, and he is pretty good at it too, so it's fun to watch him.  He achieves a feeling of success when he catches a ball, or hits a pitch, or gets an opponent out, and you can see it on his face.  When he finished his game last week he walked up and saw his audience and had the cutest grin, because he knew that he played well and that his family had watched him.

Will and Caroline were pretty cute watching the game together.

I WILL get to third before the ball does!

Hustling Home.

One of my favorite sights: watching Trace
feel well enough to help out.
I took a few pictures, but mostly I watched the game.  There's more to watch this year as they attempt to field the ball and make a play.  You need to know which base to throw to, and what to do if a fly ball is caught.  The mental part of the game is a lot more complex this year, and I think Jack learns something new each practice and each game.  Where is the shortstop position?  How to always cover your base.  Which is the only base you can run through?  What is a foul ball?

Jack works so hard at school, and he does well, but I don't think he often has a feeling of success.  In baseball he has that feeling, and he knows that he can do it: so it's a joy to watch.  Go Red Sox!


Jo Miller said...

thanks for sharing. So fun that baseball is a family game and that you all share in it. Good hustling Jack.
love you,
Grandma Jo

katie said...

You got some fun pictures! I do love seeing a kid have that feeling of success grin on their face. I love your new picture at the top, too, and the family pic! You can see Jack and Caroline's personalities come out in the picture, even though they're doing the same thing they're doing it in their own way:)