Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Caroline was awfully quiet a few minutes ago while I was working on the schedule at the kitchen counter, so I turned around to check on her. There she was, sound asleep in our big leather chair, all curled up cute as could be with her bunny.
In other news, not much has been going on around here lately. Both kids have been sick, and we've rearranged all the dressers so that Andrew's went to Will, and Will's went to Jack and Caroline. We've recuperated from the busy-ness of fair week, and Will has gone back to school. Further updates as events warrant.


Anonymous said...

And a beautiful sleeping beauty she is! Sounds like a lot of shuffling going on. Did Andrew get a new dresser?
Such a sweet, quiet moment.
love you,

akamilby said...

Andrew got a rolling garment rack, to keep in the little room next to his bed. It works for all!

katie said...

Are the kiddos feeling better? I hope so!