Sunday, March 14, 2010

Caroline Fike's Chair

Our three-year old Caroline Virginia Fike was given this chair by her grandmother Caroline Viola Fike. It is an amazing story, well told in the card that accompanied the chair. In case it's hard to read small, I'm going to reprint it here. The card in the last two pictures says:
Dear Caroline, When I was your age, three years old, my Mom and Dad gave me this little chair for my birthday. This picture is of me with the very same little chair. I'm playing with my dolls on the porch of our house. That was 70 years ago! The chair stayed at my Mom and Dad's house and dairy farm in Porterville, California most of those years. This is where I grew up with my older sister Patricia and my older brother Fred. A few years ago Grandpa Chuck brought the chair to our house in Grass Valley. He has been waiting for just the right time to restore it for someone very special; that special someone is you: Caroline Virginia Fike.
We are honored to own this chair.


katie said...

Wow, what a special gift. You are loved, Caroline.

Tyson said...

Nice Chair!!