Friday, March 5, 2010

Jumping on/off the porch

A lot of my pictures of my kids are taken at their request: take my picture Mom. Last weekend Caroline wanted me to take a picture of her jumping ON the deck: down the stairs, actually. I think this might have been in response to the fact that Jack was jumping OFF the deck, and his impressive jump was getting a lot of attention. So here are my pictures of Caroline jumping down the steps, and then the ones of Mr. Jackson jumping off the front deck. I know, I didn't really get any of Caroline in the air, but it's hard when the jump is so short. I suppose I should have used the continuous shot mode. Actually, Caroline's jumping has improved just in the last week. Tonight I saw her jump off the coffee table (about a foot high) for the first time ever. She even landed on her feet!
This cute boy, on the other hand, has been jumping off the coffee table for at least three years now. He might live to jump. Our front deck is about seven feet off the ground, and he has to jump out about four feet to land on the lawn instead of the bark directly below. Proportionate to his three foot height, I would have to jump off the roof to match his jump!
This time he landed on his feet, but he did this probably ten times in a row, and he usually ended up rolling in the grass as his motion kept moving him forward. I love the shots of him mid-air. Here he looks like he's just stepping off the deck, but he always had plenty of propulsion to land on the lawn.
Hands up for balance!
We ended this evening with marshmallows around a fire in the backyard. Jack asked if we could have a burn pile in the back, and I looked out at the soggy yard and the empty fire pit, and told him that if he picked up enough sticks for a fire, Dad would light it later. He was industrious! He is all boy, and he loves to watch a fire. He gathered enough very wet sticks to have a fire, so later we did, although Trace had to work hard to get it going, and it required a fireplace log to have enough flame for marshmallows! Both kids loved the marshmallows, but Caroline kept her distance from the fire. She thought the swing was a nice seat. Here's the man who actually did the work: And a final shot of the boy who brought the fire into being. This week the backyard is covered in snow again, so no more fires for a while, but it was a nice way to end a Sunday!

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