Sunday, February 21, 2010

What do you do on a rainy day?

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to build a fort. Yesterday was a rainy day, and Caroline was sick (of course) on top of that, so to entertain everyone, we built a fort. A big one. We used a queen sized quilt, four dining room chairs, and a couple of sheets. I could even sit down in it, and it took up a lot of our living room. Even a grumpy sick girl was reasonably happy in her new environs. What do you do after you've worn yourself out playing creatively in a fort? You use the chairs at the front of the fort to sit in and watch an episode of Kipper the Dog. Caroline has been running a fever, so she's pretty low on energy, and we've certainly watched more television than usual! Today we did something we've never done before at home: we painted. I bought the paints and brushes about six months ago, and the easel for that matter, with the thought of a Christmas gift (yes, that was four months before Christmas, and I usually shop on Christmas eve--I don't know what got into me:) ). Come Christmastime I had forgotten about the easel, and already bought more than enough gifts for the kids, so when I remembered it, I decided not to give it to them. One snowy day in January we were looking for something to do, and I thought of the easel. It's a chalkboard on one side, and a white erase board on the other, with a roll of paper in the middle. I figured that those elements were enough of a treat, and I didn't give them the paint I had also bought. Today after we went for a rainy day walk and we were starting to feel a little cooped up again, I decided it was the day to paint. They loved it! Caroline painted three pictures, and Jack painted two. We hung them up to dry on the stone around the wood stove. They have distinct painting styles. Jack is very intent, and does a lot of color in a small space, while Caroline's pictures are more spread out. These are Jack's: And these are Caroline's:
And just in case you've been watching it alternate between rain and snow outside too, and you're wondering when and if spring is coming, Trace brought me these from outside our E. Main store today: Yes, spring is coming!


katie said...

Your fort is huge! That looked like fun! And I liked your paintings, too. I always think painting on an easel is way more exciting than any other way. We've had ours in the closet for a while now, it might be about time to pull it out again.
I hope you are feeling all the way better, miss Caroline.
I am impressed with your flowers, Holls. No, there is nothing like that even trying to poke its head up around here. Today was our first sunny day after 4 days of snow (although for having snowed for that long, there wasn't much accumulation to show for it, the snow was so fine).
As for what we do on a rainy day, I don't remember, its been too long since we had any rain. But your three cousins had fun building their own version of a fort in their room tonight! We love you all!

Lindsey said...

Love the fort idea. We usually drag out the playdough or the puzzles.
Lindsey Petersen

Michael and Jeanette said...

Wow, Caroline looks so much older! We are shocked as the days when she wanted to lead everyone by the hand do not seem that long ago to us. And now she is painting beautiful pictures! Sprng has definitely come here, and it is beautiful. All the trees are covered in blossoms, and the flowers are popping out everywhere in our yard now-- and not just the crocuses (crocii?) which we know are Trace's favorite flower.