Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Making Cookies

Yesterday the kids and I were talking about cookies, and I told them that we could go to the grocery store tomorrow and buy some ingredients--well really just chocolate chips, since that's all we were missing. In case my timeline is confusing, that means that we made chocolate chip cookies today. Both kids were excited to help, and washed their hands and climbed on a stool to help measure the flour and sugar. We were taking turns stirring the dry ingredients when I got a phone call from the store that necessitated a couple more quick phones calls. In the middle of talking to Aunt Becky, I turned around and Caroline had both hands in the flour, taking pinches and spreading them on the counter. I removed the bowl, and let my tactile girl play with the mess already there: soon enough Jack added his own touch, and a monster truck toy was making tracks through the white powder. I snapped a few pictures before we continued with the cookies:
I also took two videos of the kids putting the dough on a cookie sheet: mostly because Caroline was having so much fun playing with the dough. Jackson, true to his personality, was carefully rolling the cookies into balls and placing them on the tray. Caroline, on the other hand, was smashing them and squishing them in her hand. Lots of fun for both of them!

Caroline thought I was taking a picture, and kept saying "cheese." You have to catch her unawares for a good picture, and it's hard to do!
As a side note, we were praying before bed tonight, and we always ask for sweet dreams and a good nights sleep (what mom doesn't?!), but then Jack prayed for bad dreams for Caroline. I told him that wasn't very kind, but he responded that God loves bad things too, like bad people. It still didn't sound very kind to me, so he thought about it, and then prayed for wild dreams for his sister instead. "That would be fun Mom," he assured me. I guess wild dreams are okay with me, as long as they lead to sound sleep!


Michael and Jeanette said...

mebbe you could save some cookies for cousin maia instead. she'll be there sooner.

katie said...

Oh no! Definitely all should be saved for Anna and Josie, or at least their mommy!
I loved the videos, I was laughing out loud, even though my kiddos are sleeping, at Caroline's cheese, her 'round ball' cookies, Jack's methodical making of the cookies, and his bye while looking up at the end, just like you said! I was the most impressed that they weren't eating the dough! Even if I have told Anna and Josie not to they're constantly at least trying to put dough in their mouths. Love the wild dreams, too, and although I'm not sure I would want to pray for bad dreams for somebody either, I love that he knows that God loves everything, even bad things. Way to go, Mom!