Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jack the artist

As I start to type this, Caroline is telling me that, "dancers are doing dancer things and artists are doing artist things and I am a dancer and Jack-y is an artist."
Yesterday is the first time i have every seen Jack do anything recognizable with his painting: he painted a stick person, complete with eyes. Today he was painting again, a lion, and I was so impressed that I took a picture to share with all of you. It has a mane, eyes, and a mouth, and all in the appropriate place. This is especially amazing because it comes from my son who has been able to throw a ball right to you since before he was a year old (he has great gross motor skills, and always has!), but who has very little fine motor skills ability. He knows his letters, but he has a lot of trouble writing them. It was so fun to see his progress in the last two days, and his pride as I took a picture of his lion to show everyone. Well done Jackson!


Anonymous said...

Great picture, Jack. You even used the right colors for the lion. I think that this picture is going to have to find a very special place to hang. That lion looks very scary. Loving the artist and the dancer.
Grandma Jo

katie said...

Wow, Mr. Artist! I love your lion. We are all proud of you, too!
Anna wanted to tell you that she is taking a shower right now and that she closed her eyes and leaned forward into the water to get her hair wet "just like Jack!" We have been taking showers a lot lately and I tell Anna and Josie how you do it and they try to shower just like you.