Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you . . . ?

Today was a busy day for Jackson, Caroline and I. First we had our first outing to the zoo with Jack's preschool. It was the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, which takes in only rescued animals, so it was smaller than most zoos, but perfect for us.
We got to see monkeys, bunnies, red fox, coyotes, wolves, two tigers, two bears, deer, peacocks, chickens, bobcats, raccoons, and a mountain lion. There was also a wild boar and a pair of sheep. All the animals were up close and personal which was fun for little people, and different but exciting for me too. You don't often see a tiger or a bear from three to ten feet away. It's quite something.
Jack and Caroline are both quite a bit smaller than the seven foot wingspan of a Golden Eagle. And they really liked the deer, despite how common they are.
After our trip to the zoo we finished our day by celebrating Christmas tea with Grandma Jo. Her friend Peggy McQuerry organized a tea for her since she won't be here for Christmas, and I think she was overwhelmed with the amount of gifts she received. The kids sure had fun helping her open them though!

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