Monday, April 18, 2011

An Easter Craft

I have never made blown eggs before, but yesterday when I was looking up a chickpea salad recipe on, I saw this "recipe" for robin's egg place cards.  I thought the kids and I would love to make them, so I called my crafty helper (the marvelous Miss Becky Miller) and this is how we spent our Sunday afternoon. 
The best pictures would have been of Becky and I (with occasional help from the two kiddos), blowing out 16 eggs.  That was harder than it sounds!  We were definitely all turning bright red from the effort.

These pictures are of us painting the eggs, and of the finished product. 
 Jack's ready!
 Caroline concentrating while Aunt Becky helps out. 
 Beautiful Becky.
 Jack starting on his second set of four is wearing some paint already.
 Hold your mouth right Caroline!
 The clever holders were a suggestion in the recipe, although the skewers that we had at home were too wide, so Becky and I modified them by taping toothpicks to the top with electical tape.  We thought we were pretty clever:)
 The finished product.  We won't put the rest of the names on until we get a final Easter head count, but we figured we'd be there for sure.  The speckling turned out to be harder than I thought, so I finished that after my helpers were in bed.  A fun project for sure, but probably more suited for kids a few years older. 
Next I saw a marbelized egg project on when I was searching for the best way to blow eggs.  It looked a little simpler for kids, so we might try that later this week.  It's spring break around here, and today it's raining, so indoor projects are in order!  Happy Easter!


Michael and Jeanette said...

what a fun project. I remember doing that sort of thing in grade school and could barely blow out one egg, I am impressed you did 16!! That would have been fun pictures indeed:). Happy Easter to you all!!

Mary Anne-dersen said...

Those turned out awesome! Jack was telling me about making them today in the store - he seemed pretty impressed with you all :) How do you make the speckles??
Happy Easter!! - Mary Anne and Finn