Saturday, April 30, 2011

Number Five

Number Five is Jack's t-ball number.  His team is the Nevada City T-Ball Giants, and today was their first game.  It was also the Spring Carnival at his school and the Car Show downtown, so it was a busy day for our family.  The highlight, though, was definitely this game.  Jack was so excited to play, and the other spectators and I agreed that it was the best entertainment in town.  The clueless kids were so stinkin' cute!  It was their first game, so there was a steep learning curve.  They were tackling each other (literally) to get the ball, so eager to play.  Well, the pictures tell the story better than I can . . .
 Warming up before the game--Jack hits it hard into the fence.
 The first inning Jack got to play first base.  It's a tough position when you have never done it before, and never even seen it played.  First is pretty much the only position that matters in t-ball, since every player hits on both teams, and they each take one base at a time.  There are no outs, but the ball goes to first every time.  He made several good plays--and missed the ball coming at him several times too.  My favorite was when the first base coach for the other team held out his hand for the ball and Jack gave him a high-five instead.  Giggle.
 Trace went out as the second base coach for the second two innings.
 Jack running for home.
Jack had a whole bench taken up with his cheering squad--and we were loud.
 Looking up to see who's cheering for him.
 Waiting to run to third with dad.
 Go Giants! 
 Chewing on bubble gum after the game with his fans.
I love this picture, of Trace, Jack and Caroline sitting and watching the next team warm up.  They were much older, and Jack wanted to stay and watch, but after watching them warm up for twenty minutes, we decided to head home.  It had been a long day.  Good job Jack!  I'm proud of you.


Jo Miller said...

Way to go Jack. High Five!! What a wonderful cheering section you had. What a great family time. And of course you are now a Giant and a Giants fan. See you soon.
Grandma Jo

becky said...

He looks so grown-up in these pictures, something about the uniform makes him seem much older. It was a fabulous game! There always seemed to be something amusing going on-like the little girl on the pitchers mound who took a deep bow after every play. :)