Monday, May 16, 2011

A Snowman in May

Last night, just before bedtime, Trace and the kids went outside to build a snowman.  After a few minutes, I followed them to take a few pictures of their creation.  It was harder than I thought, since by the time I got outdoors there was a snowball fight going on between Trace and Jack.  I got a lot of pictures like this:
 Caroline already had her pajamas on, so she added a hat, boots, and mittens to complete her ensemble.  We had to look for the mittens, since I had already put them away for the year.  Apparently I was premature in my switch to summertime accessories!
 Caroline was entranced with the snowman, maybe because they were the same size.
 Putting on the final touches--wait, weren't those sticks supposed to be arms?  Do your arms come out of the side of your head Jack?
 Coming back across the yard after visiting the "stick store" as Caroline named it.  Only since she doesn't say "s," you can only imagine how hard that was to understand!
 Run from the snowballs Jack!
 I tried to get a posed picture with Mr. Snowman, but everyone kept talking.
 This one was cute, but I was done taking pictures as soon as this snowball hit me.  I took off running!
Happy May!


becky said...

Now that is impressive! I particularly like the picture of the snowball flying towards you:) you were very brave to get out there with your camera!

Jo Miller said...

this looks like so much fun. Good going Trace! Holly, thanks for the pics, I am glad you ran in time. That picture is a classic, with everyone laughing.
love you all,
Grandma Jo