Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joyful Kids

Yesterday we decided spur of the moment to head up to Lake Tahoe for an overnight trip.  We made it there in time for dinner, and then a long session of putting the kids to bed.  This morning they were both up early and eager to get to the hotel pool.  For over two hours we all played in the water--even Trace was able to get in for a bit--and relaxed as a family.  It felt like twenty-four hours to me,with no dishes to wash or laundry even a remote possibility.  My only job was to play with my kids.  That makes me relaxed.

I think the best part of our quick trip came after lunch, which we ate on the shore of Lake Tahoe.  It was a wonderful meal, followed by a walk outside on the beach.  The waves today were as big as I've ever seen on Tahoe, so I wasn't too worried about Jack and Caroline getting wet--it was really windy, with threatening clouds overhead. 

I was wrong.  They started simply playing with the waves, staying out of the water, especially Caroline, who was running away from them before they got within four feet of her.
 Jack's still dry in this picture, but getting close to the waves, with a feather "treasure" in his hand.
 Trace watched all the action from up by the firepit, with his foot elevated.  Caroline kept running up to tell him about the waves.  In the last eight weeks Trace has been at home since his surgery they've become fast friends.  It's a sweet thing.
 Then Jack kept getting closer, and his sister did too!
They played chicken with those freezing cold waves, laughing their heads off, for as long as their mother would let them. 
 Caroline is wet now!
 You can see how choppy the water is in this picture.
 The ballerina was slowly getting braver, and following her brother further in.
Jack is about to get whacked with a big wave.  I think this is the one that knocked him down. 
 Caroline running.
 This doesn't even look like Caroline because she's contorted her face in such a gleeful manner.
 Not a good picture of Jack, but don't you love that toothless grin?  Notice his entire face has been splashed at this point.
 Whoa, now you're getting deep enough to make me worried about needing to come in after you!
 Time's up.  Two soaked and happy kids!
That's my saggy bottom girl, climbing the incline to the car.  They were so happy, and Trace and I were so delighted watching their capers and giggles.  We couldn't have had a better Sunday morning!


Tyson said...

What a fun day!!

katie said...

Aww! I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing. We sure do miss all of you. Jack and Caroline have three cousins that would have loved to play in the waves with them. I do love all the great smiles in the pictures. Two brave and happy kiddos!

Jo Miller said...

oh, I am so happy that you all got away and had some family fun. They look so happy. Even Trace looks content to be out of the house. Thanks for being a good mom and letting your kids have wonderful adventures. I'm rooting for a weekend at the ocean next summer.
love you all,
Mom and Grandma Jo