Monday, September 14, 2009

Boys and Girls

Have I had this title before? Because this is something I think about a lot: the difference between boys and girls. For instance, last night Jackson was playing with his cars in the hallway, as I walked past him to check on Caroline, who had been quiet in their bedroom for a long time. She was not getting into anything, as is sometimes the case, instead she been quietly setting up an audience for herself. She had dolls and stuffed animals lined up at the bottom of her closet, and when I asked her why? she said they were watching her jump and dance. It was too cute, so I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of her jumping and then doing ballet.
She's very serious about her ballet, as you can see. But the thing that always strikes me is how different their play is. Sure, they play together a lot of the time, and they even play similarly a lot of the time, but there are striking differences between boys and girls. I think I always thought it was more nurture than nature, but having a child of each sex has taught me differently. They're both unique and wonderful . . . and different.


katie said...

Quite the difference between the two! Although I must say there are a lot of differences between my girls. But I agree, I used to think more nurture than nature, but I've come to see otherwise now that I have kids.

Sandy said...

I remember the first time Jonathan picked up a green bean and "flew it" like an airplane, making amazingly appropriate airplane noises. He was still in a high chair! I thought to myself, "I've never seen either girl do this, nor have I ever set this example! And I don't believe I've ever seen John fly his green beans!" Yup, they are created very differently! Awfully fun to watch!