Monday, September 14, 2009

The Race

Jackson and Caroline have an amazing amount of energy. Oh my goodness, they spent twenty minutes this evening (at least it felt that long) racing around the island, while all of us sitting at the dinner table watched and laughed. It was Monday Night Dinner, so they had quite an audience. One of them would shout "I'm in the lead" until the other caught up, or until they caught up again. Trace was trying to get Sam out of their way, which caused additional confusion. I was definitely jiggling the camera when Caroline would come past and flash a smile as she ran. She's quite the little ham. She was also getting out of Jack's way when he caught up with her: she learned her lesson after he accidentally knocked her down. They're pretty cute, but as a warning, this is a long video, suitable especially for grandmothers!

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katie said...

That is a lot of laughter! I'm not sure who's having more fun, the spectators or the competitors. You both are quite the distance runners, Jack and Caroline! Josie has now watched the video I don't know how many time:)