Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're back!

At least that's what it feels like: like the Fike family has been MIA, brought down by a nasty virus, not to be seen for two weeks or more. And now we're back, feeling better, and we even got out of town yesterday, which was good for my mental sanity. I actually never got sick, but with both kids down with days upon days of high fever, and with Trace and Becky both sick, I certainly had my hands full.
This week, however, we're on the mend. Jack has started preschool: two days a week, from 9-12, which seems like it will fit our schedule perfectly. He missed the first week from being sick, so he hopped out of bed Tuesday morning, excited for the big day. And now that he's been twice, I can report with confidence that he loves it! This picture was taken while we headed out the door on Tuesday morning, ready to go.
Next we have a series of pictures of our day yesterday. We took the Oakland ferry to the ball game. Becky went with us, and here she, Jackson, and Caroline are ready to go!
Caroline had her Giants jersey on for the game (it no longer fits Jack, but he got a new one by the end of the day, so he was willing to share). She was definitely the cutest Giants fan there! Watching the ferry terminal recede. This is exciting Mom!
San Francisco is in view!
Crazily enough, there were people on the top of the bay bridge. Maybe that happens a lot, but I've never seen it before, so I snapped a picture.
We made it the long walk from the Ferry Building to A T & T Park: it might not be long for you, but to a four year old it was a long way. Caroline was in the Ergo backpack, not because she couldn't walk that far, but her legs are short and the game had already started, so we wanted to make good time. I think Jackson and Caroline are now convinced that ball games are about the food!
Our seats were just five rows back of the field, on the third base side, just behind the Padres bullpen. It was perfectly close to the action for two young kiddos. They could really see what was going on.
Trace and Jackson watching the game in front of us.
Two family shots after the game (note Jack's new hat and jersey, which he loved): one on the bay side and one facing the ballpark.
Caroline kept talking the whole time about how she wanted a ball. We saw lots of balls caught around us, and she was sure she could catch one too.
But she settled for a hat as we walked out. We ended our city experience by walking back to the Ferry Building (this time Caroline fell asleep in the backpack, and had a nice half hour nap on my back), missing one ferry by a few minutes, and then stopping for oysters and clams at Hog Island Oyster while we waited for the next ferry.
Jack was playing games with Aunt Becky and the camera, hiding behind the wine bottle. She patiently got this shot of him inspecting his water glass when he stopped paying attention to her.
We took the ferry boat back to Oakland, leaving San Francisco in our wake. The boat ride was definitely a highlight for all of us, and it was fun to watch the container ships being unloaded in the Port of Oakland as we went by.
Oh, and how was the game? Well, the Giants lost to the Padres 4-2, but other than that it couldn't have been a more perfect day.


katie said...

I'm so glad you're all finally healthy! That was quite the two week stretch for the Fike family.
Jack, your first day of school! Wow! You're such a big kid now!
And your Giants day does look perfect. Nothing beats a ferry ride. Caroline, I agree, you must have been the cutest fan there. I'm glad you all got out of town together.

Michael and Jeanette said...

what a fun day! Baseball and boats. Food at baseball games in one of my favorite things too and of course the game right? I can't believe Jack is in pre-school that is pretty exciting.