Monday, February 21, 2011

Jack's homemade salad recipe

Driving to the store this morning, Jack said that he had a great salad recipe: lettuce, green beans, asian pear, blue cheese, and dressing. He said we could call it Jack's homemade salad recipe. As soon as we arrived at the store, he wrote down his recipe.
Tonight he followed through with his idea and made us all a salad.
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Jo Miller said...

Good job, Jack. Your salad looks yummy. Maybe you can make it for me when I come visit. The pictures make me want to taste it. I like your writing of the recipe. Tell mom now you need your own recipe file. I just got your picture today. You are smiling to me right next to my computer. What a happy picture.
I love you. Grandma Jo

katie said...

You sure do start training the chef's early in your family! Like mother and father, like son. Will you mail me a copy of your recipe, Jack, so we can make it? It looks yummy!