Sunday, February 27, 2011

A quick trip

Last week there was no school because of President's Day and budget cut days--and the week before we had snow days on Thursday and Friday. Trace's foot had broken open a little in the ice, so by last Sunday night we decided a small getaway might be in order. On Monday we made reservations for three nights in Reno (our requirements were inexpensive with a heated pool). It was a perfect break for our family. We were on the seventeenth floor and outside our window was perhaps the thing most thrilling to a five year old boy: the railyard. Jack spent a lot of time sitting in the window watching the freight trains, the passenger trains, the unloading of the containers, the coal trains. . . Hours went by while he gave us a running monologue about all the events below. If we weren't train watching, you could find us at the pool. Both kids loved playing in the water, and there were eight individual "bubble pools," bathtub size, and only about sixteen inches deep--kid heaven.
We came home a day early, because of a severe storm coming in. We were glad we did, because this storm, unlike most, actually lived up to all the hype and dumped three feet of snow in less than twenty -four hours. We've been out of power ever since! There was plenty of shoveling to keep us busy, and free entertainment when Will jumped off the deck rail into the snow and got stuck. Hopefully the power will be restored tomorrow, and in the meantime we're enjoying the quiet. Here's wishing you a peaceful week too!
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Jo Miller said...

so glad that you had a getaway. Love the pool pictures and the kids hugging on the window sill. sounds like you were wise to comehome. Wow that snow is deep.
love you,