Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

I know, I know it's actually the sixth of July already, but we had a lovely fourth of July, and I wanted to wish all of you the same. We had quite a day, as you can see by the quantity of pictures in this post. It really felt like three days, all rolled into one. First thing in the morning, Trace hopped out of bed (literally, and this was around 5:30am) and said that he wanted to go sell food. We were actually open at the store since the parade was in Grass Valley this year, and it goes right past us. Our local parade alternates between Grass Valley and Nevada City, so every other year we close. So Trace went and bought hot dogs and polish sausages, and on top of the regular food we are already selling at the store, he set up at the barbeque in front and sold breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, sausages, and soda in front. We went and joined him around ten and had breakfast at the store, and then watched the parade with our good friends Mike and Ellen Nightingale (Mike is our delivery man and one of the kids favorite people), and then Becky and her roommate Tracie showed up too. Ellen and Caroline. Caroline decided to have a hot dog for breakfast. She's an all-American girl. Mike and Caroline watching the parade. Caroline's favorite were the "horsies."
Jackson watching the parade. He was good at spotting people who were giving away things. He got a lollipop, some candy, a flag, and a tattoo. Caroline got some candy, a tattoo, and her favorite, a pink toothbrush. She carried the toothbrush around all day. Oh and they each got a star necklace which they wore for quite a while.
Tracie, Jack, Becky and Caroline sitting on the curb. They didn't stay here long: it was too hot!
After the parade, Trace went and set up our booth at the fairgrounds, and I took the kids home for a nap. Then we went to a 4th of July party at our friends the Fletchers. Jack and Caroline especially liked their heated pool.
Caroline is not sure she wants to swim with Dad.
It was evening by this point, and Jackson was calming down and a little cold. But I think he would have stayed in the water all night anyway.
They both had fun making friends with the older kids who were also swimming. They stayed on the steps and shivered and smiled at people. Then our day ended with a trip out to the fairgrounds to close up our booth and watch the fireworks. Becky and Tracie met us out there and we sat in front of booth on the grass and watched.
Becky bought the kids light up swords (they were out of smaller light-up items, and the kids had heard her say she'd get them one. Oops:) ). They're still playing with them, two days later, so they were truly a hit!
Becky and I were very patriotic in our red, white, and blue. Becky's tickling me in this picture, so we're both laughing hard. Sisters are great!We all sat down and watched the fireworks. They're pretty noisy for Jackson and Caroline so Jack leaned on me and Caroline went from my lap to Aunt Becky's.
Happy 4th of July to one and all! I hope you all had as lovely a day as we did: filled with family and friends!


katie said...

I like you and Becky in your patriotic clothes with great grins on your faces:) You're right, sisters are great, and I lucked out with two of the greatest.

akamilby said...

And we lucked out with the best of all: YOU!! Wishing you were there too,

Anonymous said...

Sisters may be great, but I think that daughters and granddaughters are even better!! What a wonderful 4th you had. Thanks for carrying your camera with you so that I could join in on your day. I realize I must have called in the only few minutes you were home. Thanks for repeating what Jack and Caroline tell me, it is very hard for me to hear them.
love you all,