Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Trip to the River

It's been pretty hot around here for the last week or so, so Tuesday after work we all went to the river. Actually Andrew was working, so it was Trace, Will, Jackson, Caroline and I. We packed a picnic dinner, Trace bought Jack his own fishing pole, and off we went. It was absolutely perfect weather. Trace and Will fished, and the kids and I played in the water: swimming, throwing rocks in, rescuing ladybugs, and for me, taking pictures. Here's a few of the pictures I took. The water was as clear as could be.Will, Jackson and Caroline. The kids were being "really quiet," so Will could fish. Jackson trying out his fishing pole. He's quite proud of it. Caroline swimming. Jack and Caroline in the water. We called this spot our own private swimming pool, because it was the perfect depth for the two kids to play in, and deep enough for me to sit in too. It stayed in the sunshine all evening too, so they played in it until almost dark, with stops now and then to warm up on the rocks (we forgot towels).

I took three short videos, at the kids request, that they wanted Anna and Josie to see. The first is of Jackson jumping into the water from a rock, and then there's one of Caroline "swimming," and one of Jack "swimming."

While we were having all this fun in the water (and it was fun for all three of us: sitting in the water up to my waist I felt like the temperature was the same from the water and the air. Lovely.), Trace and Will had wandered upstream and were doing some fishing.

We stopped and shared a picnic dinner together, around seven, and then as the light changed, I took a few pictures of the reflections, the kids got dressed again, and we packed up. Trace and Will fished their way down to a bridge a little ways downstream, and we picked them up there. The kids finished throwing rocks off the bridge, and we all drove home. What a great way to spend a warm summer afternoon! Reflections in the water as the light waned.


Katrina said...

Beautiful! Makes me want to pack a picnic and take off to the river. Happy 4th! :)

Tyson said...

You're right. I'll try there next time!

katie said...

Anna and Josie liked your videos! Made us want to be there with you. Our creek is still too high to play in so we're jealous. Maybe we'll have to look for a spot that could be our own swimming pool like you found.
I'm impressed with your photography, Holls.