Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Patio

A week or so ago, I took a few pictures of the kids eating popsicles on our new patio. It's actually the same patio, same furniture, same beautiful bench that Trace built us last year, but with a few new accessories: pillows, flowers, and tea lights. Oh and an orange umbrella. It's a soothing place to sit, and since the weather cools down a bit at night, we've been eating dinner out there a lot. And breakfast. The kids are willing to eat all their meals outside, but around noon it's been getting to the high nineties, or even one hundred degrees, this last week, and I'm staying in the shade, or inside. It's perfect weather for popsicles! Jackson and Caroline have been sick the last few days, so we've been home a lot, and popsicles and sprinkler play have occupied a lot of their time.

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katie said...

I hope those kiddos are feeling better. I love that last picture of Caroline.
Speaking of reading books aloud to kids, we just started reading 'Little House in the Big Woods', and I was telling Anna and Josie that Laura has a sister Caroline/Carrie. Josie really wanted there to be a Becky and a Jack and a Holly in the book, too. I told her there was a Jack (the dog), but I didn't know about Holly and Becky. But there is an Aunt Polly, is that close enough? Just thought I'd tell you that you are all loved by my girls.