Friday, June 26, 2009


On Thursday of this week I took Jackson and Caroline to the annual Music in the Mountains KinderKonzert, an hour long performance of classical music geared toward children. We went with my friend Betsy, her daughter Elizabeth, her five month old son Andrew, and her mom. The kids loved it!

We sat at a table in the very front row, so the kids could really see the instruments. Jackson and Elizabeth were especially enthralled, while Caroline was equally interested in the music and in the people around her. She wandered around a little, but she always stopped to clap when each piece ended.

Afterwards we found a shady spot on the grass at the fairgrounds, and Jackson and Caroline and I had a picnic. It was our treat while Trace, Andrew, and Will had a day fishing. I think we all enjoyed our days!
The little kids spent the end of the day running through the sprinklers in the front yard, while I tried to figure out why some of my flowers weren't getting watered. Jack wore goggles (no glass in them--it was just for fun) and got soaked, while Caroline was much more timid and was barely damp after a half hour of playing. I took a few pictures, and a short video:
Jackson with his goggles on.
Caroline is actually very carefully standing just on the other side of the sprinklers reach.
I included this picture, even though Caroline is in the shadow, because just behind her is the set of three aspen trees we gave Trace for father's day. So that's where we planted them, for those who asked.

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katie said...

I like the goggles. Gotta have the right equipment. And I like Caroline's version of really, really wet, very similar to her cousin Josie's really, really wet. Now I have two little girls asking if they can go run through the sprinklers.