Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Sharing Brother

We were on our way to the nursery today to buy some plants, and we drove past a sporting goods store with a rack of kayaks out front. Both kids saw the kayaks, and we were talking about them. I told them that I bought a kayak at that store for Grandma Jo once, and Jack said that Aunt Becky has two kayaks, green and orange (she is so cool!). Grandma Jo gave Jackson a toy kayak for his birthday (she's one thinking ahead grandma--she left it with me at Christmas), so Jack has a kayak too. So the conversation in the car became Caroline telling us that she wants a kayak. On her birthday. When she is two. Although I did explain that it was a long time until her next birthday, she told us about it until we got to the nursery.
We bought our plants and headed home, and I forgot about the kayak. The kids went outside to play and I sat at the computer to check e-mail. Then Jack showed up with something all wrapped up in tissues, asking for help with the tape. He wanted to wrap up his kayak from Grandma Jo to give to his sister. He and I spent a few minutes putting lots of tape around it, and then he gave it to his sister. I took a few pictures of the wrapped gift, the excited opening, and then Caroline playing with it. There are times when my kids can spend hours playing happily together, and other times when it seems like they can't get along for more than three minutes at a time. We spend a lot of time at our house talking about sharing. So when one child voluntarily gives something away to another, it means a lot. You are a generous brother Jackson Fike.


katie clement said...

That's amazing to see a just turned four year old able to feel that much empathy. That's maturity that a lot of us adults don't have. Good job, Jack. Good job teaching it, Holly. That took a lot of effort to instill such values and have such a kindhearted little boy.

Jo Miller said...

Thanks for changing the way you do comments, this is much easier. Good sharing with Caroline, Jack. What a good wrapping job. Now we all need to go kayaking, maybe with Aunt Becky this year. I am going to an island so maybe I will get to go in a boat. Will the kayak go in your little pool?
love you,
Grandma Jo