Friday, June 5, 2009

Jack's Birthday Morning

One in a series of posts I intend to do about Jack's birthday, simply because it's a busy week, and I don't have time to upload more than five pictures (that's all it lets you do at a time). So for those who have been waiting to see the four year old, here he is on his birthday. Caroline woke up first on Tuesday morning, and she wrapped and colored a gift for her brother. When Jack got up, he immediately opened the gift she gave him (a ten pack of hot wheel cars--true joy for a four year old boy).
Then Lupe stopped by and brought more gifts for Mr. Jackson. Caroline was delighted to help him open them!Next we went to the store, where Aunt Becky and the girls had decorated the kids office, with streamers, balloons, and party toys all ready to go. That was a true delight for both kiddos!
Okay, I have to post this video, even though I have no way to turn it around, because it's so cute of Jack blowing on the whajamacallit (I truly do not know the name of those things), but both kids really liked them. Thanks to Becky for the toys and the video!

Finally, a taste of what is to come: when Jack got home, Trace gave him a present of thirty balloons, and I don't think Jack's ever seen anything better in his life. Pictures of the party will come another day, but it was a great day. Happy birthday Jackson!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a celebration!! An amazing 4 year old. Trace, you really know what Jack likes, those balloons are great. Wish I could come play with them.
I have been waiting and waiting for these pictures so thanks for posting. Is this graduation weekend?? You must be busy. Caroline, you are so nice to give your brother a great gift and help him open things.
Jack you are special. Becky those decorations are wonderful.
love you all,

katie said...

Happy Birthday Jack! You deserve it all! I think the video was my favorite:) You are right, you had post it.