Sunday, May 31, 2009

We have strawberries!

In our yard we are lucky enough to have wild strawberries. We didn't plant them, but we sure enjoy them. Usually there aren't any ripe until June, but we had a lot of rain this spring and then the last two weeks have been quite warm, and voila! strawberries! The kids love to find the red ones and eat them. They're small and they hide under the leaves so it's like a treasure hunt. Caroline has to be reminded to only eat the red ones, but Jackson searches for the ripe ones and shares them with all of us.
Otherwise we have been working in the yard the last few days. Vinca minor is our ground cover of choice, and I've planted four flats in the last two days. Jackson has been a big help, dumping out my weed bucket, bringing me vinca, helping to shovel, and even carrying shovels and rakes from the front yard to the back. Caroline is a fun and creative age, and able to entertain herself while we work. She does a lot of pretend cooking for all of us: artichokes, ice cream, chicken tacos, watermelon, and anything else we request.
The highlight of the weekend was when Ginya stopped by on Saturday. Becky came up and we all got to sit in the yard and talk while Jack and Caroline played. It is always good to see you Ginya--thanks for coming by!
I love living on the top of Banner Mountain, where we can sit outside in the evenings as it cools down. This is Jack, riding his bike in circles around the deck table as we all enjoy the evening. A final picture of Caroline, sitting in her rocking chair, smiling as she asks me to take her picture.

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