Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunday and Monday: Store Remodel

We normally close the store at three on Sunday, and we did this week too, but we didn't open again until Tuesday morning. This Sunday and Monday we did a thirty hour remodel. We took advantage of the Memorial Day holiday to be closed and change around parts of the store that we couldn't do while we were open. The first thing we did on Sunday night was tear out some cabinets, scrape away all the old carpet and linoleum glue, and then stain the concrete. It turned out great!
Then the next day, Monday, we met Becky at the store, along with Mike, and installed all new cabinets. Here's a series of us all working, along with a few of the finished product. Many thanks to Chuck and Caroline for not only taking our kids for most of the day, but also fixing us a beautiful meal in the evening. Jack and Caroline helped me clean the walls where the stain had splashed up on it. Will helping out. Mike changed out the green hanging lights for red ones, so we don't look like Christmas with both colors. Andrew and Trace putting cabinets and countertops together. Note the green lamp overhead, which disappears in later pictures. The finished product. The espresso machine (which got a new look too, with a spray painted black finish, since the current burgundy didn't go with the red cabinet Trace built) now sits on top of a refrigerator, as it should, so that all milk and cold products are close at hand. To the right is the new blending station, and further right, which somehow I didn't get a picture of, is the new walkway and the new red wall. It matches the front of the espresso cabinet in the third picture down. The pump pot station next to our new grab and go case. The walkway is gone here, which should help traffic flow. Now we don't have to push past customers to get to the office! From the front you can see the self-serve pump pots and the grab and go case. The view as you walk in the sliding door: the black espresso machine and the red cabinets. Oh and do note the red lights in this picture.
So that's the story of the store remodel. It is still a work in progress, so I'm sure there will be more pictures to come, but we're excited about what we've done so far. It's looking good!

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katie said...

Looks great, and like lots of work. Doesn't organizing things into a way that works better feel good?!