Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Few More Photos

Since Trace is out of town for a few days, playing in a golf tournament, the kids and I having been having a lot of fun times together. We finished our day with a trip to try out the new Thai place in town (we all liked our meal), and then a walk around Grass Valley, a few minutes at the park, a stop by the grocery store, and then home to bed. For a lot of that time Caroline was wearing her new sunglasses, so I thought we'd share the look: I'm not sure why the lenses are green--it doesn't seem like they'll block much sun--but she loves them. Jack got a pair too, but he is not quite so enamored of his that he needs to wear them all night like his sister. She wore them all through the grocery store, which brought a smile to a lot of faces.
Jack was the cause of a lot of smiles at dinner, though, since we sat in the window and he waved to the people walking by. They both were a joy to take out to dinner, chatting the whole time, but in quiet voices. It's always nice when your kids behave well (and it doesn't always happen, so it makes the good times even more appreciated!), especially in public. We ended our evening with a story for each kid, and Jack wanted a picture of us reading on the couch. This is the best we could do with holding the camera at arm's length:

We're saying good night to the camera, so good night to one and all.


katie said...

We like your sunglasses, Caroline.
We like the picture of you in your pajamas, Caroline!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

becky said...

caroline, your amazing sunglasses make me want to go get a fun pair too, that way we can match : )