Sunday, May 17, 2009

Miss Caroline

Miss Caroline, or Carolina, or Carolulu, or lovey, or dada's baby, or love bug or little love . . . whatever you call her (and we're a family of nicknames, so she has a lot), Caroline wanted a video of her posted on our blog. She saw the videos of Jackson riding his bike, and wanted me to take one of her. I can't say there's much to this video--she's just splashing in the pool--but she was excited to see it and to share it with you. The picture following the video was taken after our foray to the farmer's market on Saturday morning, where we bought cherries. I had forgotten since last cherry season how messy cherries are. We really haven't had them in a while, since when I asked Jackson if he liked cherries he said "I don't know what they are Mom." They both loved them.


The funny thing about this picture is that with her purple face she doesn't even look like herself. I look at it and think it's someone else's kid. They both ate a lot of fresh cherries and strawberries, with no apparent ill effects. I sort of expected something to happen--it was three baskets of strawberries that were gone by the end of the day!


katie said...

We like your video, Miss Carolulu! And Anna and Josie are jealous of the cherries and strawberries. What could be better?

becky said...

Carolina!!! I like your new purple swimsuit with the butterflies on it, looks like you had a lot of fun splashing in it...