Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday and Saturday Nights

I'm going backwards through the last several days, looking at all the pictures and videos I took. These are too cute not to share. First Friday night Jackson and Caroline decided that dinner would be better if they shared a chair and a plate. They were passing the ear of corn back and forth, so we finally combined their two plates and took a video of the result. If you're wondering what they're doing with their green beans, they like edamame so much that they pick the beans out of anything that looks similar. So Jack is finding the beans in the green beans.
I also took a few pictures of them sharing their food:

The next few pictures are from Saturday night, when we worked outside all day and decided to go out for a quick bite to eat. Trace and Jackson and Caroline were waiting for me to get ready, sharing a "candy taco" (tortilla with butter, cinnamon and sugar), and it was too cute not to snap a picture. Here they are:

That's my cute family!


katie said...

One darn cute family!!! I especially love the one of Trace looking at Jack, who is giving Trace a big grin, and Caroline is smiling at you.

Anonymous said...

I love what sweet caring friends your kids are with each other. Daddy time is very special. cuddly coziness