Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too Busy

Okay, this is not really a post, just an apology for those of you looking for one. We did a thirty hour remodel at the store in the last two days--tore out cabinets, and scraped and stained the concrete on Sunday after we closed, and then took advantage of being closed yesterday to install new cabinets. It's certainly not done, but the big things that we had to do while we were closed got done, so it was a big step. I took a few pictures which I'll post sometime, but today is Miss Becky's birthday, so I have a dessert to make, and some gift shopping to do--again, no time. So there's the quick update and look for more to come, but not today!

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katie said...

No apologies! Just who you are when you do have the time. No guilt trips, no expectations, just a bonus when a new post is available for us to enjoy. No right or wrong, no deadline, just life.