Monday, May 18, 2009

Jack the cook

Jackson saw the parmesan cheese sitting on the counter last night (Trace had been making caesar salad for us) and he decided to grate some for himself. Then he proceeded to share with Trace and Caroline and I. Trace had put out some shrimp with cocktail sauce as we waited for Andrew and Will to get home for dinner, and Jack decided his shrimp would be better with parmesan on it. I was complimenting his creativity as a cook, and he said: "When I am bigger I will cook for people, like dad." I thought that was great, until he added, "I will do the cheese for them." I'm not sure there's much of a career in grating parmesan cheese, but if there is, he'll be good at it! Here's the photographic series of events: Oh and he's wearing his swimsuit because that's what he did all day, played in his kiddie pool.

Grating from up high.

Trying the parmesan on a piece of shrimp dipped in butter--yum!
More serious grating.
Eating the parmesan. When the plate had a light dusting of parmesan on it, he said he was done, because he covered the plate (probably not even enough for a bite). But it tasted so good he kept grating for the next twenty minutes!


katie said...

Jack, I was grating cheese the other day too to put in something. I liked it too.

I think you will make a great chef! Especially if you take after your Dad, or your Mom, for that matter. And I do happen to have a friend who made a career out of the cheese part. I like the look on your face while you were grating. Were you holding your mouth right? In all my years of being told to hold my mouth right I never have figured out what 'right' is.
Aunt Katie

becky said...

MmmmMmmm, I like parmesan cheese-Jack, you can cook for me any day :)