Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What kind of shirt does God wear Mom?

That's what Jackson asked me before bed tonight, as we were lying in his bed talking. Go ahead, post a comment with your answer. Plaid? Button down? Tunic? And why?
I don't really need serious answers, I've already tried my best to explain (although any additional explanation you want to give a three year old would probably be a help).
So give me your answers . . . click where it says "comments" below this line and tell me your vote. We did also talk about how Jesus was a boy just like him, and Jack's response was: he probably bought his shirts at the store, just like me. That's the opinion of a three year old.
Good night and sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

Jack, I think that God is clothed in light. It is so bright that we can't see his shirt. When we live with Him it will be so bright we won't even need the sun.
That is a wonderful family picture. Would you send it to me in a larger size please?
Loving this blog already. I think that it is time for me to empty the sandbox in kinder and fill it with water. So much fun.
Grandma Jo

katie said...

Can I comment on all your sidebar pictures first? They're great! You guys are all quite the photogenic family!I was trying to pick a favorite but I couldn't, they all fit that person perfectly.

katie said...

I asked Anna what kind of shirt God wears and she told me "Not anything!"
I said "He/She's naked then?!" And she just grinned.
We decided we didn't know. We're okay with that. Good question Jack.
Oh, and Josie likes the picture of Sammy in the sidebar with Will.