Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Kitty" Pool

This is what I think that Jackson thinks it is called anyway, a "kitty" pool. Actually we were at the hardware store on Saturday and we picked up a kiddie pool. They loved it, in case there was any doubt. We ended up going out to dinner on Saturday, after a long day of working on store projects, and didn't play in the new pool until Sunday. It entirely occupied their playtime on Sunday and Monday, as the photos demonstrate:
The dry run, and showing Sam the new pool. They're pretty sure he'll like it too.
Changing into swimsuits and filling it with water. As much as they like the new pool, it's pretty much water that they love, unconditionally. Taking bucketfuls of water from your new pool and making a mud puddle is really just as fun to play in. In case you're wondering just how much they love the new pool, this picture was taken after dark on Monday night, when Jackson and Caroline decided to put their swimming suits back on and play in the pool again. It's quite cold out, but they're in the water again. Dave, a friend of Becky's who joins us regularly for Monday Night Dinner, was kind enough to watch them splash outside. Note that he had jeans and a sweatshirt on. The kiddie pool has certainly been a success at our home. It's is a reminder of my own childhood to watch the joy they get out of playing in the water. Kids are amazing.


becky said...

Tell Jack and Caroline that next time I'm around on a hot sunny day I'll come splash with them. As long as there aren't too many fish swimming around. You forgot to mention the part of MND when everyone was standing around catching fish with the homemade poles Jack found for everyone : ) That was when it was still twilight, I think they're crazy, jumping in at night - it was freezing out there! But they sure are cute!

Anonymous said...

Such a simple gift and so much joy. I can just see Jack getting everyone to fish. Jack, who caught the biggest fish? And did you have fish for breakfast? Maybe you should have boat races in your pool.
love you,
Grandma Jo

katie said...

I like that you call it a kitty pool, do they ever call it a doggy pool when Sammy's in it? I don't believe that Jack and Caroline have to wait for a hot sunny day for Aunt Becky to join them, knowing you! The fishing poles make me think of Dr. Seuss' McElligot's Pool, have you read that to them recently?

akamilby said...

We don't have that Dr. Seuss book, in fact, I'm not even sure I've heard of it. I was thinking of going to the library sometime this week (not sure how it got to be Thursday already), I'll try to remember to look for it. It's been a reading books kind of week since Trace is out of town for a few days. Lots of playing outside too because the weather couldn't be nicer. And Mom, they've had lots of "boat" races already, just with sticks and cars and things acting as boats. Maybe I'll learn how to fold paper boats. They would like that!