Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jackson and his bikes

Jack and his bike.
Today Jack and I made a series of videos to share with you all. He was riding his "old" bike, as he calls it: the three wheels, low to the ground one that he uses as his dirt bike, for crazy riding. His goal was to ride into a hole that Samson (our dog) has made, I think, and then do a flip over the handle bars. He has done this once on accident, didn't get hurt, and thought it was a lot of fun. This is a whole series of videos we took as he tried to repeat his stunt. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he never did a flip again, but I thought his seriousness as he tried and tried was quite amusing, so I'm posting all the attempts. If you're wondering if he always has a running dialogue/monologue going while riding his bike, the answer is: yes, for bike riding and any other activity. He is one verbal kid! They're all short videos, so enjoy--I know I enjoyed taking and watching these:

This last video is Jack demonstrating that he can also ride cross country on his "new" bike (it'll be a year old on June 2nd, but he still asks people if they've seen his new bike). He is riding as fast as he can, right across the grass to show that it's also fast. And of course for him the fact that it can crash is also a plus.
For those wondering where Caroline is, she's taking her nap. Some other day we'll have videos of Caroline: probably something more social, or at least with less crashing involved!


Anonymous said...

What fun, I watched them all, or sort of. The last one refused to play for me, but I will try again. I had forgotten how Jack explains things to you as he goes along. That is some awesome riding. Sammy was nice to make a hole for your bike to go in. Thanks for the good night picture. Good night.
Grandma Jo

becky said...

These are hilarious!!
Funny, Jack runs over little tiny trees too, just like his mother. . .
I love the puzzlement in his voice in the second video as he tries to figure out where the hole went: "Did I go over the hole?"

akamilby said...

Yeah, and I love that he asks the question and answers it too. I was laughing out loud as I filmed him.

katie said...

Great riding, Jack! I like all the dialogue, too. Anna and Josie have watched them numerous times. What is this about his mother running over trees? I want to hear that story!