Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Water Play

Today Jack came up with a new idea for playing in the water: emptying his toy bucket and filling it with water to play in. It's another cloudy day here, not particularly warm, but that didn't stop Jackson and Caroline from splashing and pouring in the water, barefoot. It was very serious business, as you can see, and they were very intent on what they were doing. I took a video of them as they played: Jack is refilling the bucket, and Caroline is busy pouring bucketfuls on the ground. Perhaps counterproductive, but they were both pleased with the results.

This is how the play time ended, with a bath for both kiddos, who got stripped of their muddy clothes at the door and ran giggling down the hall to the bath, another favorite activity (as evidenced by all the bath toys lining our tub).

1 comment:

katie said...

I like the bathtub one! -Josie

I like when Caroline was pouring the water out. -Anna

I like the barefeet and hoses in the rain :)