Monday, June 15, 2009

Rock Climbing . . . errr, Car Climbing?

Well my kids were playing outside today, in the front yard, while I was working on dinner (disclaimer: this really only happens about once a week: mostly Trace makes our meals). I had the front door open so I could hear them, and all of a sudden Jack called out and said that he and Caroline had climbed into my car. Now I drive a Ford Expedition, pretty big, and all the doors were close, with only the front driver's window open. I looked out the front door and sure enough, both kids were in my car and all four doors were still closed. They had both scrambled up the side of the vehicle! Later Becky and Tiffany were over for dinner, and I asked the kids to show us how they did it, with video camera in hand. Here's how:

This was actually the third time we watched them do it, since I took the first one sideways, and the second one I cut off in the middle. They would have kept going, but it was time for dinner.


katie said...

Anna and Josie just watched your video countless times and Anna only stopped watching because she is waiting at the door ready to go climb into our van:) You two are quite impressive really. I don't think I could climb into something that tall relative to my height!

Tyson said...

OK, that is just awesome!!