Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Andrew and Jackson

Last night Andrew, Jackson, Caroline and I went on a walk. At least Caroline and I walked. Well actually Caroline was mostly running, trying to catch up to Andrew and Jack, until she got too tired and I carried her. She and I ended our walk after that, but the other two kept going: Andrew on his longboard, and Jackson on his bicycle. They were so cute headed down the street together, with Jack pedalling as fast as he could, and Andrew slowly gliding on his longboard, that I came inside, got my camera, and took a video of them. Caroline came back outside with me, so she's in the movie too. It was getting pretty dark, so even though I've increased the brightness, it's not a great video, but Jack wanted to share it with you all anyway. The first few seconds, you really can't see anything, but I promise that if you keep watching, Jackson and Andrew will appear!

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Jo Miller said...

What a lovely video of kids who love and enjoy each other. Good cruising Andrew. You can tell Jack loves being with the big guy. Caroline picks up energy when she is with Jack. Thanks for sharing. Quite a good rider there.
love you,