Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday Morning Fun

Saturday morning Trace was watching the British Open, and Jack saw a BMW commercial where a car runs around a giant canvas of some sort and leaves tracks of different colors. Jack asked me how they did that, and I told him I thought there was paint on the wheels. Then he looked at Trace and said: I want a car with paint on its wheels. When the golf was over, Trace made his dream come true: They got out some butcher paper, one of Jack's pull-back cars, and two colors of spray paint, and it worked!
I wish I had a better picture of their masterpiece, but it was partly in the 100 degree sun, and partly in the shade, so it was hard to capture. They used a car that was missing one tire, so it turned in circles, and they ran it through the paint first. Pretty clever! While they were experimenting, Caroline watered the plants for me:
She's a good helper!


Jo Miller said...

Yeah, a post from Holly! That looks like fun, Jack. And how clever to have a wheel off to get circles and to use a self propelled car. Caroline is quite the gardener. Good thing she didn't inherit my black thumb.
love you, Mom

katie said...

What did you do with the finished masterpiece? That's what ends up decorating the walls of our house around here and the girls love to show it off when friends come over.
Your plants are beautiful. I love kid help that is truly helpful.