Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Steak Tuesday

"Eat meat like a caveman." This was the apparent theme of our dinner tonight. Here's proof: It all started with Caroline asking for some steak, and Trace giving her some . . . whole. She said "cut it up for me," as she picked it up and tried it. I said, hang on, I want to grab my camera before you cut it up for her. So then we got a picture of everyone eating steak. This may well qualify for the "only at the Fikes" label, but we all thought we were funny. Jack and Caroline were sharing the steak, back and forth. Jack decided steak caveman style was a lot more fun than the cut up pieces on his plate. Both kids looking crazy. Andrew tried it. And Will. And Trace. And this is how a lady eats a steak. Or maybe not?
Here's hoping your dinner was as delicious and fun as ours!


Anonymous said...

Can I have the rest of Carolines/Jacks? I'm sure they couldn't finish it. (Unless that was all of you eating their piece...)


katie said...

Yay for good, clean :) family fun!
Those are the best of times, fun family meals, that your kids will remember forever.

Anonymous said...

Holly, I am assuming it is all the same piece of steak and I have to say the Lady eating steak sure didn't get very much!!! Reminds me of how my kids taught me that broccoli is a finger food.
love you,