Monday, July 20, 2009

Kid Ingenuity

Here's Caroline and Jackson swinging in the backyard, on their new swings, or at least newly renovated by Jackson. I love the way kids come up with things that grown-ups would never think of. At least I would never think of them. Have you ever considered adding a chair to a swing? I didn't think so. It looks quite dangerous to me really, but they haven't been hurt yet, so I don't want to take away their fun.

I think these two would stay on the swings all day, if anyone was willing to push them that long! Luckily they also like to go on their bellies, which they can do by themselves, and sometimes Jack will push Caroline.

As a side note, many thanks to Becky and Dave for taking my kids all afternoon. It's nice to have a break, and refreshing for all of us. You guys are great!


Jo Miller said...

What a fun swing. I am surprised that the chair will stay there and not flip. Jack must have put it in very carefully. Good way to make toys be more fun. Now, let's see, you just have to hook a rope up to Sammee and let him pull you back and forth on the swing. Or maybe tie a rope to a tree so you can pull yourself on the swing. what will work best??
love you,
Grandma Jo

katie said...

You two are quite creative. And daring:)